Call for Expression of Interest.

Call for Expression of Interest to become a Board Member at the British Biochar Foundation (BBF)


The BBF is a registered Community Interest Company (CIC) (BBF Biochar CIC) which was created in 2013 with the following mission statement: “The BBF promotes the sustainable production and deployment of biochar in the UK and we hope to provide a place for developers, producers, users, enthusiasts and anyone else who is interested, to come together to share problems, knowledge, experience, ideas and contacts”.

The ambition of the BBF Biochar CIC is to increase its surplus revenue to the stage where this can be donated to the BBF whereby it is then constituted formally as a separate charity (£5000 pa turnover). The Charity will have a separate Board of Trustees which will be elected on a yearly basis by members of the BBF. The BBF Charity will distribute available funds to support the ambitions of the BBF according to the decisions of the Trustees. At the present time, the BBF Biochar CIC Board will not be directly elected by BBF Members.  Whether and how this might change in the future is to be discussed by the Board.

The BBF Biochar CIC presently has four Board Members:  Dr Simon Shackley (Chief Scientific Officer (University of Edinburgh)), Darren Hopkins (Director for Community and Business Development), Dr Cécile Girardin (Senior Scientific Officer) (University of Oxford and Oxford Biochar) and Melanie Bennet (Treasurer).  Geographically we are based in Edinburgh, Isle of Wight, Oxford and Bristol.

The BBF is now seeking to appoint three new Board Members. All Board Members act in a voluntary capacity, although this may change and are required to express any potential conflicts of interest which will be put into the public record.

We welcome Expressions of Interest from potential Board members. We are looking for dedicated Board Members who can add to the existing strengths of the BBF Biochar CIC Board.  This could be in any relevant area of biochar, but especially in the more practical end of the biochar sector, e.g. agronomy, forestry, biochar production technologies, market development, etc.

If you are interested, please send an Expression of Interest of one page and a one page CV to Simon Shackley (  All information provided will be kept in the strictest confidence and deleted / destroyed following the decision of the Board.  If you are interested, we would appreciate EoIs by 12th July 2013.