British Biochar 2013


Sustainable use and production of biochar in the UK

June 20 & 21st, 2013

The conference is a unique event that aims to broaden the biochar spectrum, bring together all those that will benefit and launch a unique and innovative industry at the same time. This low carbon economy event is now being held at Hawkwell House Hotel, Oxford.

We want to invite businesses, community groups, researchers, local authorities, waste management companies, composting facility, growing medium producers and biochar producers……. In fact, we believe that every business and every community can benefit from the sustainable production and deployment of biochar and it’s technology in some way, even if they only support it within their community.

So, if you’re interested in reducing costs and yet increasing profits, increasing productivity, reducing GHG, ISO accreditation, the science behind it or just in helping generate a low carbon economy and create a carbon sink and store within your low carbon community, then you need to come and meet the people that can tell you how to make it happen.

We have created a number of downloadable PDF files for offline viewing and reference in regards to the conference, please choose your sector;

Science and Research.

Organic Recycling and Waste Management

Agriculture and Horticulture

Carbon Accounting and ISO Accreditation

The BQM. What’s it all About.

The conference will cover a wide range of talks given by industry, science and research leaders as well as policy-makers, waste specialists, technology providers and producers. The day includes a light lunch and refreshments and tickets start from as little as £65. Concession prices available.


  • Introduction to the British Biochar Foundation
    Dr. Simon Shackley (UK BRC)
  • A European Vision for Biochar
    Hans-Peter Schmidt, Keynote address (Delinat- institut / EBC)
  •  R&D Asia and Australia with Farmers on developing NPK fertilisers and synthetic Terra Preta
    Dr. Stephen Joseph, Keynote address.
  • Launch of the Biochar Quality Mandate (BQM)
    Esmee Fairbairn Foundation
  • The Big Biochar Experiment
    Dr. Cécile Girardin & Dr. Russell Layberry (ECI / Oxford Biochar / BBE)
  • Soil Fertility Project – India, Africa and Wales
    David Friese-Greene (Soil Fertility Project)
  • UK and Global Biochar Science
    Dr. Saran Sohi (UK BRC)
  • UK and Global Biochar Production Technology:
    Cordner Peacocke (CARE)
  • UK and Global Biochar Deployment
    Simon Manley (Carbon Gold)
  • World Cafe Discussion


Evening Dinner and networking

Dinner includes a three course meal with wine, networking sessions and topical speakers

Prof. Toby Mottram(Royal Agricultural College)
Prof. Myles Allen (ECI)

A full agenda can be found here.

Administrative meeting (half day)

This session is only open to the British Biochar Foundation members. We will be discussing the foundation’s mission and have participatory discussions on how to drive the foundation forward over the next 12 month. We will also be appointing 3 new volunteer board members to help assist in the development of the Foundation. Our current board members are Dr. Simon Shackley, Dr. Cécile Girardin, Darren Hopkins and Mélanie Bennet.

*membership is FREE*

Members meeting topics

Appointing new board members
Discussions on the future, structure and management of the foundation

Tickets available NOW! Payment and Registration.


British Biochar 2013 was streamed live, watch the video here!

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