Bio-Carbon Minerals (BCMs)

Bio-Carbon Minerals (BCMs).
As the biochar industry evolves it has become obvious that sub-categories for different materials within the title “biochar” would need to be implemented. BBF and EBC have been talking for some time about distinguishing between ‘biochar’ and ‘bio-carbon minerals’, to assist the fertiliser industry in product description and definition of low carbon-high mineral materials and because of the latest research from China and Australia in regards to mineral enriched charcoals.

Chairperson at British Biochar Foundation

“Biochar would have minimum 50% (or may be 30%) stable carbon.¬†Anything with less than this amount of carbon would be called ‘bio-carbon minerals’ or BCMs. So, e.g., high ash biochar made more animal residues (bones, manure, etc.) would be BCM and not biochar. BBF and EBC coordinating on this and please see below link. We welcome your inputs on this important topic which will have a big impact on regulations.”

Simon is working on the final amendments to the BQM , that will be released shortly. For an initial interpretation of the new definition for low carbon materials please follow the link below.