Great news for endothermic biochar technologies in the UK!!!

It has taken several weeks of pressure and communication but the BBF are pleased to announce that they have been able to get OFGEM, the body in control of the UK’s RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive), to consider endothermic pyrolysis as a biogas installation rather than a biomass installation. This should significantly increase the returns for such units, making it far more attractive to investors.

The technology used for the enquiry was the Pyreg 500p but OFGEM clearly indicate the type of technology “endothermic” and not a brand “Pyreg”, so all endothermic pyrolysis would be considered.

The exact response from OFGEM is copied below:
Dear Darren Hopkins,
Thank you for your enquiry regarding the Non Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (NDRHI).
Firstly, Ofgem are not able to provide any assurance on the eligibility of a given product type. Accreditation is granted to eligible installations for which a properly made application for accreditation has been made; until such an application is submitted and reviewed we would not be able to provide any confirmation of eligibility, or the tariff that may be applied.
Based on the information provided, and the assumption that the process taking place within the ‘PYREG reactor’ is maintained by heat produced entirely by the combustion of biogas within the ‘FLOX combustion chamber’ (i.e. the process taking place within the ‘PYREG reactor’ is endothermic), the technology appears to fall into the biogas technology type. This being the case, any applicant applying for an installation using this technology should, in the first instance, select ‘Biogas’ when completed an application. Upon receipt of that application we would review the information provided before providing any formal notification of tariff category.
I hope this has been helpful, however if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.