re:char – Second Season results!

Another successful year in Kenya! Well done guy’s!

I’m excited to announce that the results of our second season biochar trials in Kenya are now compiled, and we have observed some very interesting trends. You can view the results on our blog, but to summarize it appears that our biochar actually  has a lasting impact, year to year, on soil health. We applied biochar at various concentrations produced using our Rutuba Kiln to our test plots in season 1, and then fertilized with a zero-cost organic fertilizer (sanitized human urine). At harvest, we observed a nearly 26% improvement in crop yield when compared to chemical fertilizers. In season 2, we did not reapply biochar, only zero-cost organic fertilizer. Amazingly, our crop yields actually increased in season 2 above the levels observed in season 1.


These impacts are very surprising, and indicate that biochar has an effect on soil health and productivity that lasts beyond the first season of application. This means that when a farmer uses biochar, he is making a long-term investment in his soil. We are very proud of these results, as we have designed our Rutuba Kiln to produce the highest quality biochar with the highest soil stability.Thanks to The Economist, I will be presenting these results in Amsterdam to an esteemed panel of agribusiness CEOs at the end of the month who are committed to supporting new technologies to feed the world. In order to produce enough food to support a growing population, we must continue to develop new agricultural technologies like biochar. We thank you for your continued support of our mission, and hope that you will share these results with friends or colleagues. For more information click here