Mission Statement

Our Mission: “The sustainable deployment of biochar in the UK.”

The British Biochar Foundation (BBF) is a not-for-personal-gain membership organisation(a C.I.C) aiming to support the emerging research, sustainable production and uses of biochar in the UK. We are currently focusing on supporting the sustainable development of a budding biochar market for the horticultural and farming industry as well as encouraging use and production by domestic gardeners, allotment holder and community group. We welcome participation by all those who want to store carbon and / or who wish to improve soil health.

The BBF works in tandem with the biochar research community and is affiliated with the European Biochar Foundation, although it acts independently from academic, governmental and commercial organisations. Our members include farmers, charcoal producers, local communities, project developers, companies, charities, community interest companies, and social enterprises committed to the sustainable development and deployment of biochar in the UK.