TLUD Biochar Stove

TLUD Biochar stove
designed for coking and producing biochar

TLUD BIOCHAR STOVE is a multipurpose stove!

The TLUD* Biochar stove is an improved biomas stove that burns clean and green, produces biochar, has very high thermal efficiency and works on biomass residues.

You can use it:

1 – as a camping stove (weights only 4,5 kg);
2 – as a survival stove to be used in extreme circumstances (doesn`t need any liquid fuel, gas, electricity or batteries; just some dry biomas residues – any kind will do);
3 – to produce cost free biochar, with which you can boost your garden soil fertility!

1. Biochar produced in TLUD Biochar stove is of high quality (source: All Biochars are not created Equal, and How to Tel Them Apart, October 209, Hugh McLaughlin, PhD, Paul S. Anderson, PhD, Frank E. Shields and Thomas B. Red, PhD). It also has a very high iodine numer (1200).

2. Clean and green technology
During operation pyrolysis takes place, i.e. a process in which biomass is being transformed to biochar in an environment with very low oxygen and high temperature; the gasses that are produced during the pyrolysis are being burned while stable carbon remains in the tank.

3. While cooking on the stove the biochar is being produced which can be used for increasing soil

4. Any dry biomass residues can be used as fuel: husks, corn stalks, wood chips, shell, horn, animal waste, bones …

5. Reduces carbon footprint
By using the TLUD Biochar stove and implying biochar to soil one reduces the carbon footprint. Biochar is a stable form of carbon, which remains unchanged in soil even after 10 years or more. The process is carbon-negative because it reduces the amount of CO2 in the air.

6. High fuel and thermal eficiency (39 %) allows fuel saving up to 50 or 60 % in comparison with
other solid fuel cookers.

7. Easy to use and maintain
The stove is made of high quality stainles steel.

Technical Profile

Technology: pyrolysis technology.
Thermal efficiency: not less than 36 %.
Average fire power: 4 KW.
Life span of the stove: more than 7 years.
Biomass suitability: all kinds of dry biomass.

TLUD gasifers have high versatility with accepting cooking fuels. Examples: wood chips, pelets, twigs, shels, etc.

Suitability of cooking application: excels in water boiling and steaming aplications. Emission in terms of CO, CO2 and particulate mater: the certificate certifies that he CO/CO2 ratio is less than 0.04 in the combustion gases leaving the stove – which means a clean combustion and emission within safe limits.

Residue: the residue of the coking sesion is good quality charcoal: about 20 % of the coking fuel i.e. 10-140 g of charcoal per canister per cooking session.

Dimensions: canister (outer diameter 180 mm, height 30 mm); tripod stand: 50 mm height; total weight: 4,5 kg (9,9 lbs).

Activated biochar, which is obtained through the proces of pyrolysis, has several remarkable effects:
– it increases the quantity and quality of the crop;
– keeps moisture, prevents los of nutrients and helps plants through periods of drought;
– restores depleted soil and neutralizes the effects of acid rain

When we add biochar to compost, it becomes filled with colonies of micro-organisms and fungi, which enriches the soil and boosts its fertility.