Batch pyrolysis unit

Practical Biochar solutions, Airspade incorporation for tree health, vitality, post compaction, water logging, disease prevention

We are Biochar producers, Tree surgeons and Farmers that have an ever growing knowledge of the relationship between Trees, plants and our soil. We have a selection of portable kilns that can deal with onsite diseased trees e.g. Ash Dieback. Using high temperature kilns to kill off fungal spores but still getting the use from the timber by creating Biochar.

This new book is based on a four year European-wide study in 7 countries. This user-friendly book introduces biochar to potential users in the professional sphere. It de-mystifies the scientific, engineering and managerial issues surrounding biochar for the benefit of audiences including policy makers, landowners and farmers, land use, agricultural and environmental managers and consultants, industry and lobby groups and NGOs.

Northumberland Water Scientific Services (NWSS) offers a wide range of analytical tests for biochar materials, including organic contaminants, heavy metals and basic material properties. NWSS has worked on providing analysis of a wide range of biochar samples in the UK and internationally and can provide expert advice on methods and protocols. Please contact Anthony Wilson for more information.

Strathclyde Eco-Innovation Unit (SEIU) is part of the Faculty of Engeering, University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. SEIU has a well equipped laboratory for undertaking a wide range of analytical services and tests including the key tests required for biochar materials under the various testing protocols (IBI, EBC and BQM). SEIU has conducted analysis of a range of biochar samples for a number of years for UK based organisations. Please contact Dr Peter Anderson (0141 548 3085) and Dr Colin Cunningham (0141 548 3144). for further information.

We at Garden Planet Biochar have developed a mobile pyrolysis demonstration and production unit. we also have a workshop program for students to build their own units using readily available up-cycled materials.
Our ethos is based upon creating sustainable and where possible local applications and to develop and advise on the many uses for Biochar.
Please feel free to contact us about anything Biochar or to book a demo.

We have a batch pyrolysis unit designed and manufactured in Pune, India, by PatPert Ltd. with a water-condenser which separates out condensibles from the vapour, which is available for production of biochar. The feedstock capacity is up to 40 kg per batch. The pyrolysis temperature is controllable and up to 750oC. We can process a range of feedstocks, including some wastes. The feedstock needs to be at a moisture level below 20%. Contact Simon Shackley at