Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Use of the British Biochar Foundation’s (BBF’s) Business Directory:


1. The British Biochar Foundation (BBF) is happy to provide a free business listing for any user registering on the directory section of the BBF website. The free listing can be up to 5000 characters with up to four images and a hyperlink to a website. The listing comes with a contact form so other users and browsers can contact you regarding your listing. The content is entirely up to you but will be checked-over by BBF and changes might be requested prior to listing. Please note that hyperlinks and email addresses are not permitted in the listing itself and will be removed before publication.

2. All listings last for one year, after which they will need to be re-submitted, otherwise they will be terminated.

3.  Free listings are limited to one entry per user. Users should specify the legal entity to which the listing relates (e.g. a sole trader or company limited by guarantee).   If you wish to have a further listing, the fee is £75 per additional listing.

4. The order of free listings will be on the basis of date – i.e. the most recent entries will appear higher up.

5. All those submitting listings are requested to address the following set of questions:

Question One: ‘Are you a retailer or manufacturer of a biochar-based or biochar-containing product?

YES –     go to Question Two.

NO –      FINISH

Question Two:  ‘Have you assessed your product against the health, safety and environmental criteria in one of the following: IBI, EBC or BQM  (most recent versions)

YES –     specify which one and go to Question Three

NO –      FINISH

Question Three: ‘Has your product met the safety and environmental criteria of the selected guidance (IBI or EBC or BQM)? ‘

YES –     You can request that we place the logo of IBI, EBC, BQM against your product (subject to agreement from the three bodies).

NO  –      We will not include any logo against your product.


9. The BBF reserves the right to request the paper work that verifies product testing and results against one of the three above schemes.

10. Inclusion in the BBF Directory does not constitute any sort of recommendation to purchasers regarding the benefits or risks of any products or services.

11. The BBF adopts the principle of caveat empor and advises that all purchasers ensure that they investigate fully the product, service or technology which they are interested in purchasing to ensure that it meets their requirements at a reasonable price and that it fulfils their health, safety and environmental requirements.

12. Likewise the BBF advises sellers or producers of biochar and related services and technologies to ensure that they meet the stated requirements of their potential purchasers and to provide sufficient and detailed information such than an informed decision can be made by the purchaser.

13. The BBF accepts no liability or responsibility for any purchasing or sales decisions that might arise as a consequence of the information provided in the BBF Business Directory.

14. The BBF proposes to collect User Ratings over time as people make use of different services, materials, products and technologies. The BBF will consult with listed firms and organisations on how user ratings should be collected and reported (if at all). No ratings will appear until the minimum period of one year has elapsed from the start of the BBF Business Directory.

15. Any complaints related to the BBF Business Directory should be directed to Dr Simon Shackley: simon@britishbiocharfoundation.org;  office: 0131 650 7862

16. The information provided in the listing is entirely up to the provider. We provide some guidance on the sorts of information that might be useful to users, though it will always be context dependent. You can see the guidance here.